Pleasure Doing Business

Pleasure Doing BusinessThe story behind the Pleasure Doing Business apparel and accessories brand is one of murder, corruption and intrigue… Two fearless Secret Service agents will stop at nothing to bring down the counterfeiter who killed one of their own. Wait, that’s the storyline behind To Live and Die In LA. Pleasure Doing Business, and its designers, Simone Gonzalez and Aaron Beaulieu have a much less fictional history.

Simone was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. She studied English at the University of California Santa Barbara. At university she spent time in New York, working in the Bloomingdale’s fashion office; and in Florence, Italy, studying the arts, culture and language. After college, Simone began handling domestic sales and assisting in design for a design house in Los Angeles. Gonzalez draws much inspiration from her arts background and often integrates graphic and abstract elements into the designs put out by Pleasure Doing Business.

Aaron relocated to Los Angeles from Boston after attending undergraduate university in London. After graduating FIDM he started working near every job in the industry, from pattern and sample making, to design, to marketing and sales. After working for a number of major Los Angeles based retailers, he became dissatisfied with working for others whose social morays and overall vision differed from his own. Beaulieu left to explore creative freedom in Pleasure Doing Business.

The two came together over mutual love of classic aesthetics, hard downtown style & many other elements. Pleasure Doing Business, in its current inception began in late 2008 over late night coffee, discussions about social decline and ways to bring intelligent, responsible, amazing designs to the public at-large. Since then, there has been no stopping the brand. Focusing on high standards of quality, dichotomous fabrications & the chief of design style, Pleasure Doing Business shows no sign of stopping.