Black Halo 

Black HaloLuxurious, polished and with sophisticated construction, designer Laurel Berman infuses a romantic yet modern architectural simplicity into each and every Black Halo design. Laurel’s leading edge designs for Black Halo ring in a new age of casual couture. A Seattle native, Laurel sharpened her design skills at the San Francisco Academy of Fashion after first earning her BA in Political Science. Laurel simultaneously mastered the finer points of her discipline by day and by night worked as a visual merchandiser at many of the West Coast’s prestigious retailers.

Immediately upon graduation, Laurel was lured to Los Angeles by a private label manufacturer where she spearheaded a $50 million dress business. This highly successful venture enabled Laurel the financial freedom to realize her own artistic vision - and thus, Black Halo was born.

What began as an edited collection of clean, simple and constructed dresses has evolved into a full designer collection. Laurel’s proficiency in garment construction and fit combined with her diligent sourcing of textiles internationally result in “couture-like” dresses and sportswear that are deceptively simple. With an ever-developing dexterity for the manipulation of fabrics and silhouettes, the Black Halo collection has a manner of distinct post-modernism.